Cloud Solutions For All Business Sizes

South Florida businesses, large, medium and small all look to save money. A solution showing a positive ROI is a good thing regardless of the size of your enterprise and that is exactly what Kinetix Cloud Solutions can provide.

Cloud Solutions

Eliminating costs and freeing up time when it comes to buying and maintaining server equipment is always a good decision. With Kinetix Cloud Solutions you  can experience the benefits of a secure, state-of-the-art data center for a fraction of the cost of an on-site soluti.on

Cloud Solutions

VoIP Solutions

When it comes to voice, things have changed ever so drastically. Today there are several options that do not include the traditional phone company or even traditional phone systems. Kinetix Solutions offers a cutting edge VoIP technology for your business. Our service will save your business money and deliver reliability, flexibility and scalability. Let us converge your data and voice networks so you can consolidate and reduce operating costs.

What Are The Advantages Of Cloud Services?

We can give you an assessment on a case by case basic and show your entity which cloud solutions would benefit you. We will also give you a game plan on how to easy scale up as your business grows.

Email Encryption

As technology advances, new opportunities for crime emerge as well. Many email contain sensitive information. Some hold medical records, others discuss legal strategy and some even hold the secrets to a comapny’s intelectual property. What is alarming is hacking into someones email has become as easy as acquireing hacking softerware and letting it do the hacking. With Kinetix Solutions Email Encryption Solution, your data will be safe against the toughest of hackers. You can feel assured that all of you company’s sensitive data is safe and secure.