Kinetix Solutions Migrates, Delivers and Supports HIPAA Compliant Cloud Based Microsoft Applications and Services

“Kinetix Solutions is a great company and we at Diagnostic Professionals enjoy our relationship. I have been so satisfied with the impact and performance of their services, that I gave Kinetix Solutions a raise!”


Claude Hanuschak, President & COO of Diagnostic Professionals, Inc.

Diagnostic Professionals, Inc. (DPI) provides the highest quality patient focused diagnostic imaging services available in Broward County, Florida. Four local centers serve approximately 93,000 patient visits per year, offering patients convenient hours, the latest diagnostic equipment, top notch staff with the ability to perform outpatient radiology procedures including MRI/MRA, CT/CTA scan, X-ray, Ultrasound, Nuclear Medicine, DEXA, Mammography, BMI / Body Composition and Life Scan.

These time critical medical services require reliable and efficient real time communications and robust technology to process and store large data driven diagnostic information and imaging.

To continue to build on and innovate on their “patient first” business model they needed a fast, stable, flexible and scalable HIPAA compliant IT architecture with predictable support costs. To meet their goals, they selected Kinetix Solutions to enhance and support a cross-platform cloud strategy leveraging Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Skype for Business.

Today, after deployment and migration, DPI is dealing with less everyday IT issues. The company has a current, stable and secure HIPAA compliant IT environment that provides the ability to grow and scale without the significant investment and headaches of in-house IT management and support.

Best yet, the new and efficient technical architecture, coupled with Kinetix Solutions Managed Services, has enhanced the speed of patient and practitioner driven communication allowing DPI to stay true to it’s goal of “Excellence in Imaging”.

Website: www.diagnosticprofessionals.com

DPI provides high quality diagnostic imaging services with four centers located in Broward County. All radiology services have earned accreditation by the American College of Radiology (ACR) demonstrating DPI’s commitment to deliver the highest level of image quality and care in South Florida.


DPI is a leader in providing easily accessible, affordable and quality driven diagnostic imaging services.
Their investment in technology and patient driven record ownership allows for self-service and seamless referring practitioner communication. This includes Electronic Medical Record (EMR) exchange allowing a referring practitioner to send DPI important patient information. This allows the team of DPI Radiologists and supporting staff to ensure services match diagnosis and goals and helps referring practitioners meet meaningful use requirements and effectively treat their patients.

DPI was working hard to manage and support a fast growing and increasingly complex technology environment that needed to be 100% reliable and secure. They needed a partner with proven experience to help them grow, secure, support and maintain their IT infrastructure.

Their goal, like many Kinetix Solutions customers, was a partner that would help support and maintain their status as an imaging leader and present innovative new solutions.


DPI reached out to Kinetix Solutions to help them extend their IT infrastructure investment, lower overall service delivery cost, improve communication time and position them for the future.

Kinetix Solutions, a leading Managed Services Provider with many successful Medical and Health IT related Microsoft Cloud deployments and migrations, was able to present DPI with a cost effective solution.
In less then two months, leveraging a local Kinetix Solutions team with experience in moving customers to the Microsoft Cloud, including highly sensitive HIPAA compliant applications and data, DPI was up and running with a new infrastructure and support partner.

DPI was migrated to the Micrsoft Cloud including the latest version of Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Skype for Business, with the Kinetix Managed Services Team now working in the background to ensure the system is secure, stable and proactively supported and maintained.


Within a short period of time, less than two months, Kinetix Solutions migrated DPI to the Microsoft Cloud, including the latest version of Office 365 and Microsoft Skype for Business. Kinetix Solutions also enhanced and bolstered DPI’s entire IT Infrastructure.

This included deploying and migrating servers, storage, networking and security services to Kinetix Managed Services.


DPI immediately experienced the impact of moving to Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Skype for Business and Kinetix Managed Services. Not only did total support costs and required IT investment decrease, but now they know their entire IT infrastructure is always up to date and secure and they are able to more easily meet compliance requirements now and in the future.

Dealing with less everyday IT issues, allows management the ability to better allocate time to their core business as opposed to spending time on IT related responsibilities and to reallocate the IT savings for new patient driven investments.

DPI Radiologists and support staff can now provide services faster and more reliably.
Patients and practitioners receive the behind the scenes benefit of faster communication with an additional layer of managed privacy and security.

DPI now has a much more secure and stable IT environment built on the latest Microsoft tools with predictable support costs providing the ability to grow and scale without the headaches or significant investment of purchasing the required tools, software and hiring of an in-house IT support team.

Software & Services Deployed
  • Microsoft Cloud
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Microsoft Skype for Business
  • Kinetix Migration Services
  • Kinetix Managed Services