Kinetix Solutions Migrates, Delivers and Supports Cloud Based Office 365, Secure Azure File Storage and Secure Authentication

“We have in-house experience developing, supporting and maintaining sensitive HIPAA compliant applications and infrastructure. Providing our customers with a seamless end to end solution!”


Brad Ferguson, CEO Kinetix Solutions

VirtuOx is a medical technology services company that provides diagnostic tools and services that enable healthcare organizations and professionals to diagnose and treat respiratory diseases through an integrated and innovative platform of products and services.

The VirtuOx family of products include a Medicare approved, Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility (IDTF) that assists in the diagnosis and qualification of treatment options for sleep disorder breathing and respiratory diseases at home, a web-based service management application and reporting suite that communicate globally with physicians, medical equipment providers and patients and many devices.

To continue their track record of success VirtuOx wanted a more stable, flexible and scalable HIPAA compliant IT architecture with predictable support costs. To meet its customer-centric goals, they selected Kinetix Solutions to develop and support a cross-platform cloud strategy leveraging Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Azure.

Today, after deployment and migration, VirtuOx is dealing with less everyday IT issues. This has allowed in-house management to better allocate their time and focus on their core business. The company has a current, stable and HIPAA compliant IT environment that provides the ability to grow and scale without the significant investment and headaches of in-house management and support.

Website: www.virtuox.net

VirtuOx, Inc. provides diagnostic tools and services that enable a variety of healthcare organizations and professionals to diagnose and treat respiratory diseases with new technology driven products and services.


VirtuOx is a pioneer in respiratory diagnostic tools and services, enabling healthcare organizations and professionals to diagnose and treat respiratory diseases through integrated and innovative products and services.

The company was working hard to balance customer focused business activities with managing and supporting a fast growing an increasingly complex technology environment that needed to be 100% reliable and secure.

They wanted to focus on their core business of helping customers with respiratory disease lead better lives and wanted a partner to help them continue to maintain and deliver forward looking technologies. They needed someone to take daily ownership of the maintenance, licensing renewals and concerns around the IT infrastructure.

They wanted a turn key solution and partner that would help maintain their status as an industry leader and present solutions like moving to Microsoft Cloud products including Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Azure.


VirtuOx reached out to Kinetix Solutions to help them maximize their IT infrastructure investment and position them for the future.

Kinetix Solutions, a leading Managed Services Provider with many successful Medical and Health IT related Microsoft Cloud deployments and migrations, was able to present VirtuOx with a solid Cloud and Managed Services solution.

In less then a month, leveraging a local Kinetix Solutions team with experience in moving customers to the Microsoft Cloud, including HIPAA and highly regulated applications and systems, VirtuOx was up and running with a completely new and modern infrastructure.

VirtuOx was migrated to Microsoft Office 365 for email and integrated productivity and desktop applications and their in-house storage was migrated to the Microsoft Azure Platform with secure authentication. The Kinetix Managed Services Team is now working in the background to ensure the system is secure, stable and proactively supported and maintained.


In less than a month, Kinetix Solutions moved VirtuOx’s entire IT Infrastructure offsite and to the Microsoft Cloud. This included deploying and migrating in-house servers, storage, networking and security services to the Microsoft Cloud and Kinetix Managed Services.


VirtuOx immediately felt the impact and peace of mind from moving to the Microsoft Cloud. They know their entire IT infrastructure is always up to date and secure and they are able to more easily meet compliance requirements now and in the future.

They are dealing with less everyday IT issues and allowing in-house management the ability to better allocate time to their core business as opposed to spending time on IT related responsibilities.

VirtuOx now has a much more secure and stable IT environment with predictable support costs providing the ability to grow and scale without the headaches or significant investment of purchasing the required tools, software and hiring an in-house support team. 

Software & Services Deployed
  • Microsoft Cloud
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Microsoft Azure Platform
  • Secure Authentication
  • Kinetix Migration Services
  • Kinetix Managed Services