Follow the below tips to keep your computer’s security tight and you free from ever growing cyber attacks. If this is your first visit, use these tips as a security checklist.

  1. Patch, Patch, PATCH your computers, tables and mobile devices!
    Set up your computer for automatic software and operating system updates. An unpatched machine is more likely to have software vulnerabilities that can be exploited.  As part of Kinetix Solutions Managed Services we will keep your system up to date with the latest security patches published by Microsoft and all other software vendors.
  2. Install protective software
    Kinetix Solutions leverages Webroot is available as a free trial download for Windows, Mac, and Linux.  For non-Kinetix Solutions customers Webroot can be downloaded from their website (click here). When installed, the software should be set to scan your files and update your virus definitions on a regular basis.
  3. Choose strong passwords
    Strong passwords use a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters to create a mental image or an acronym that is easy for you to remember. Create a different password for each important account, and change passwords regularly.  Microsoft has published a password guidance document that can be found by clicking here.  Also a product such as LastPass can manage all of your passwords for you — and it’s free!
  4. BACK UP on a regular basis!
    Regular, scheduled backups can protect you from the unexpected. Keep a few months’ worth of backups and make sure the files can be retrieved if needed. Download and install software such as Acronis, Carbonite, CrashPlan, etc. and learn how to back up your system.  PC Magazine’ ranking of cloud backup solutions can be found clicking here.
  5. Control access to your machine
    Don’t leave your computer in an unsecured area, or unattended and logged on, especially in public places. The physical security of your machine is just as important as its technical security.
  6. Use email and the internet safely
    Ignore unsolicited emails, and be wary of attachments, links, and forms in emails that come from people you don’t know, or which seem “phishy.” Avoid untrustworthy (often free) downloads from freeware or shareware sites. Learn more about and how to spot phishing emails from Microsoft by clicking here.
  7. Use secure connections
    When connected to the internet, your data can be vulnerable while in transit. Use remote connectivity and secure file transfer options when off campus.
  8. Protect sensitive data
    Reduce the risk of identity theft. Securely remove sensitive data files from your hard drive, which is also recommended when recycling or re-purposing your computer. Use the encryption tools built into your operating system to protect sensitive files.
  9. Use firewalls
    Mac and Windows computers have basic desktop firewalls as part of their operating systems which greatly minimizes risk for home or personal use. For businesses of any size it’s recommended to institute a hardware based firewall.  When set up properly, these firewalls protect your computer(s) files from being scanned and accessed externally by unauthorized users.
  10. Most importantly, stay informed
    Stay current with the latest developments for your operating systems, security risks and latest vulnerability attacks by hiring Kinetix Solutions Managed Services!!!  Stay up to date by joining Kinetix Solutions’ emailing list found at the bottom right of our homepage www.KinetixSolutions.com.

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