** Quickly switch to another app:

The multitasking menu can be accesses by pressing the Home button twice. With 3D Touch, press down on the left side of the screen and swipe to the right, you’ll see your last app and you can switch to it quickly. Press harder, and you’ll launch the full multitasking menu with all your open apps.

** Use Siri hands-free:

Now you are able to say “Hey Siri” when the screen is off and the iPhone 6S is locked and the phone will launch Siri. Settings > General > Siri

Siri only responds to your voice. To get started you’ll be prompted to say, “Hey Siri,” three times and then ask a couple of questions. Siri occasionally gets it wrong and may respond to others. and you’ll be prompted to go back through the process.

** Customize Spotlight search:

Swipe left to right on the home screen to get Spotlight search with Siri Suggestions. To make adjustments to what gets searched, go to Settings > General > Spotlight Search and toggle off what you don’t want included. Siri Suggestions can also be turned off here.Trio of tips on utilizing the hidden features on the iPhone 6s and IOS 9