Convenience is good. Like, really good. Access to applications, documents, projects amongst teams, even day-to-day communication needs to be in the palm of our hands at all time. Microsoft Teams has combined convenience, mobility, and efficiency, creating one of the most user-friendly (colleague -friendly) platforms used in the workplace. Communication is key to the growth of your business, no matter the industry. Included with your Microsoft Office365 subscription, Microsoft Teams allows real-time messaging, video-calling and a new live chat element, key for group projects. The main objective of Microsoft Teams is to simplify the workplace. From team collaborations to office communication, Microsoft Teams is the ultimate business dashboard.


Kirk Koenigsbauer, Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President for Office, called Microsoft Teams “a digital transformation of an open office space” that offers an open, fluid chat environment. In that respect, Microsoft Teams is just like Slack. To some extent. Unlike Slack, Microsoft Teams uses threaded conversations to avoid the confusion of searching through too many messages. As long as you’re an enterprise-level Microsoft Office365 subscriber, the application is completely free. It’s very important to have a business-level Microsoft Office365 subscription. Otherwise, Microsoft Teams is unavailable for single subscriptions. Remember that. One of the main aspects I believe Microsoft Teams sets itself apart from other platforms such as Slack is how nicely it plays along with the majority of platforms you use on a daily basis i.e. Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc.


For many companies and offices around the world, communicating to other locations around the globe hasn’t always been a walk in the park. Microsoft Teams makes the headache of different time-zones and schedules as painless as possible. Conference calls and meetings are a way of business. They need to happen. Minimizing the amount of time spent on such things is what makes Microsoft Teams such a valuable asset, especially to those with offices throughout the country, even the world. Instead of sitting around waiting for email after email, Microsoft Teams allows team collaboration and group projects to flow more smoothly. Any changes or additions to the project is accessible to all members of the Teams Channel in real-time. This creates transparency amongst the group/team, building trust along the way.


Custom is always nice. Makes you feel all warm and cozy inside. Well, Microsoft Teams seems to agree. Several different types of “Tabs” are available with your Microsoft Office365 subscription.Tabs allow team members to access services on a dedicated canvas within a channel. This lets the team work directly with the tools and data you provide, and to have conversations about them, in the channel’s context.In addition to the built-in tabs, organizations can easily design and develop their own tabs, that can be integrated into Microsoft Teams, or shared with the rest of the community.


I know, I know, Millennials can be a little much at times, but we’re good people, I stand by it! So we may lack being able to communicate without an emoji, GIF, or the occasional abbreviation of words, but we have lightened the workplace. Microsoft Teams offers all of our favorite smiley faces and piles of poo that we oh so love. The Social Media aspect of Teams I really love. Additionally, you can use the @ symbol, like you would on Twitter, to mention somebody. Say my boss wants me to take a look at an article about one of our new products – all he does is put @JoshWhitlatch, and it automatically shows up under the “Activity” tab on my Teams app. Simple right?


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