In today’s fast paced business, a significant amount of time is wasted by management and staff when they switch between windows when performing work on their single monitor computers. Not only does it waste time, it can lead to unnecessary distractions. Some users try to compensate by putting two windows on one screen, or by various workarounds.

An alternative to wasted time would be to consider making a small investment and using an 2nd monitor for you and your staff. Not only do dual monitors double your screen real estate, they creates boundaries you can use to divide what you’re going to focus on. For most professions such as lawyers, doctors, accountants, and many more, time is money, and there are statistics that indicate that dual monitors save a lot of time. And they have some serious advocates.

Take for example, the study “Productivity and Multi-Screen Displays” performed by University of Utah and ATI Technologies using dual monitors. Those who participated reported increases of productivity including:

  • 33% fewer errors
  • 16% faster edits
  • 6% quicker access to tasks
  • 45% easier task tracking
  • 32% faster performance
  • 24% more comfortable

Full Article: https://collections.lib.utah.edu/details?id=214166

With numbers like that, it’s definitely worth giving it a try. Which would you rather do? Constantly shuffle through Windows, or have research material up on one screen and Word on the other, so that you can write your documents without having to switch between the two?

A second monitor is likely to set you back $200 or less, and you may need to upgrade your video card. But at that price, you would only need to see a benefit of one hour of time before you have already broken even.

Just makes sense!


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