Tech Tips

Tech Tip: Increase Productivity with Dual Monitors

While today’s business demands move along at a rapid rate, your business performance shouldn’t be hindered by your equipment. With advancing technology, a simple update to your current configuration will allow you to decrease your frustration and increase your productivity. For a free consultation on optimizing your office, contact Kinetix Solutions either by visiting the website www.kinetixsolutions.com or by phone at 855-4-TEK-NOW (855-483-5669 ) option 2.

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Tech Tip: Top Ten Safe Computing Tips

Follow the below tips to keep your computer's security tight and you free from ever growing cyber attacks. If this is your first visit, use these tips as a security checklist. Patch, Patch, PATCH your computers, tables and mobile devices! Set up your computer for...

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At Kinetix Solutions we understand your technology circumstance very well. We have developed a system where small and medium sized business can experience all of the benefits of having an in house IT department without carrying the expense of one. Our team, is responsive, in the know of the latest and greatest technologies. Whether you are interested in assistance maintaining your current system, are wanting to upgrade to cloud hosting, or needing to gain better insight about your business, we have the solution for you. Find out more now!